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posted by [personal profile] batgirl801 at 12:04pm on 02/01/2009
January:  Life is full of transitions. 

February: No entries

March: my dog is missing

April:  No Entries

May: No Entries

June:  so here's a fun little gem
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I am drinking some pinot grigio (sutter home) and watching "the notebook" on network television. 

July:  I Love my mom. 

August:  happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

September:  so...I got in my car this morning to go to work, and switched the radio to WNCI 97.9 like I normally do, to listen to the morning zoo.

October: No entries

Novermber:  No Entries

December:  No Entries

Wow.  Guess I didn't have much to say this year. That's kinda funny...since I actually had a LOT going on.  I probably should have made more of an effort to LJ my thoughts. 

That'll be a goal for this year, one of many. 2008 was a lot of things.  A lot happened, some good some bad.  I'd say it focused more on the bad.  The good parts, however, did manage to keep my spirits up, fairly well. Don and I got married, that will be a bright spot ingrained in my memory for  a long long time to come. I'm going to give a rough breakdown of all the bad things, simply so I can look back later and marvel at my ability to get through it all alive.

(not necessarrily in chronological order, but I'll try as best as I can)

My car was totaled in an accident. Turns out we didn't have insurance, and neither did the drunk woman who hit it.  (good news, no one was seriously injured.)

About a month later, Don's car was repossessed. They towed it away while I was at work, with all of our belongings still inside.

Our honeymoon was booked through skybus.  Skybus went under teh DAY of our wedding. 

My Tenants at Hague stopped paying their rent, because some repairs needed to be done to the house. Hoever, I couldn't fix the repairs unless they paid me.  Catch-22.

House on Hague went into foreclosure. 

Aaron and Ryan were evicted from teh apartment that they were subletting from of course that is on MY record, now. 

Don's businesswent under.  This is the big one.  We lost  a lot of money, and still owe a LOT of money to his investors.

We had to put Frazier down.  That's a hard thing to do.

We've been nearly evited forom the house in forest hills about 4 times.  We finally moved out, and are currentlt homeless. But I did a homesaver advance on the house on hague, so we should be moving in there shortly.

Well, that's pretty much it.  There's more that goes with each of those items, that I don't really want to relive in order to write down. 

I'm going to try to grab ahold of my financial freedom in the coming year,.  I've already got regular payments coming out of each paycheck to pay off the citi financial autoloan (the jetta) and capital one (my one and only credit card).

staying at hague should help a lot, because the mortgage payments are a lot less than our rent was.  And sad as it is to say out loud, it is a lot less expensive to feed two dogs than three dogs. :(
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posted by [identity profile] at 07:34pm on 02/01/2009
I love your attitude. I know you're strong and the fact that you wrote it all down is strong. You seem to be facing things head on and it sounds like you're ready for it.



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